January 21, 2018

With just 80 days left to go until the release day for Death By The Sea I am sharing a crochet craft to help you get into the tropical island feeling. You can create your own crochet Parrot from this Red Heart Yarns Free Pattern and then take a photo and upload to my Facebook page. 

You can find the pattern for the Parrot Pal on the Red Heart Yarns website by clicking here. I can not wait to see what you make!

Pina Colada Cake from The Chick Who Eats

It is January 13th, 2018 and there are only 80 More days until the release of Death by the Sea...

You can find this recipe on the website thechickwhoeats.com by clicking here.

   In these long cold winter evenings my thoughts drift towards memories of warmer days and tropical flavors. I came across this Gluten Free Pina Colada Cake and thought you might like to try your hand at baking this one. Impress your family or friends, or make and enjoy yourself with a great book. 

Kathleen Bridge